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ShixxNOTE What's new

Version 6.net (released May 2015)

  • Sending note via email is now modified and is now working on Microsoft Office Outlook, Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express. When sending note via email Subject of the email is now "(1) SHIXXNOTE 6.NET MESSAGE TEXT FROM : " and after that string now is added username and computer name of a sender. This was done because there were some troubles with username and company name (in previous version) after you have received email note.
  • Now you can found Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the ShixxNOTE program blog where now where now you can read articles about user expirience. Also there are plenty of articles which can help you if you have problems with program.
  • Many new features, improvements and some bux fixes are added in a program. For example smooth transparency effect when deleting or hiding note, auto detect for web URL's and e-mail addresses, etc.
  • Program works on a Microsoft Windows 7 operating system as well as on the latest Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system (program doesn't require any runtime or framework).
  • Critical security bug fixed which could cause buffer-overflow.
  • Important bug fixed. All received notes will be visible after computer or program restart. Problem with disappearance of received notes is now fixed.
  • When sending note to someone who doesn't have ShixxNOTE program installed, program tries to send message with Windows Messaging service, and recipient receives message box with note text and sender name. Sender and recipient must have Windows 2000/XP operating systems on theirs computers for this feature, or active and started WinPop program on Windows 95/98/Me.
  • Program now have Windows XP look and feel, also many new effects are added (close and hide note smoothly transparency effect).
  • When you send note to recipient(s) expiration and alarm info are transferred also with note. In version 5.net this was not possible.
  • New field in "Sent from:" (Send to dialog) or in "Default sent from:" (Setting Network dialog) combo box control is added - "Name:". If user sender write his name in edit combo box, that name and sent time will appear in recipient(s) note title.
  • Password must be entered twice when you check option in General Settings dialog "Lock 'Show all notes' main menu item with password".
  • In Expire and Alarm dialogs date format is set to short date because it was long date format till now and some users experienced problems because long date was to big to fit in date field. So now it is short date format and it will fit for all users and countries.
  • Few minor and major bugs are fixed.

Version 5.net (released August 2004)

  • "Export note(s)" and "Import note(s)" items are added in main program menu (right mouse click on tray icon). You can export all notes into file with "*.shx" extension. Later you can import notes from saved "*.shx" file.
  • Some users experience problem with note Scroll Bar which appears on note after program is started, but before last Shutdown note didn't have it. Some old notes are incorrectly restored with Scroll Bar. Problem which occurs only on Windows 2000/XP is now fixed.
  • New cool controls are added in program so now all dialogs have new look.
  • "Show Splash Screen on Startup" and "Play Sound when note is received" items are added in General Settings dialog.
  • "Save theme as ..." note menu item is added. So now you can save 20 custom themes. When you save your own theme, theme name will appear in note menu as a new item.
  • You can save up to 20 group names which will appear in "Send To" note menu as menu items.
  • "Import note" and "Export note" items are added in note menu. You can export one or many notes into *.shx file. Later you can import note from *.shx file.
  • In Default Note Settings dialog new option is added. "Default note size" - "Width" and "Height", so now you can set default size for new notes. Size is in pixels and it must be smaller than screen resolution size.
  • In note menu, section Themes new item and function is added "Organize Themes". In Organize themes dialog you can rename saved themes, you can delete it and also you can sort it in which order they will be visible in note menu.
  • Problem with "Show all notes" option in main program menu is fixed.

Version 4.net (released on April 2002)

  • Program now have "Settings" menu item added in taskbar icon right click menu. Settings dialog have three tabs "General Settings", "Default Note Settings" and "Network Settings". Now you can customize and change all program properties.
  • "Save note as" feature implemented. Supported file types are Text Documents (*.txt), Rich Text Format (*.rtf) and Word Document (*.doc).
  • "Save note as picture file" feature added. Note can be saved now as picture file in Window Bitmap (*.bmp) or JPEG (*.jpg) format.
  • "Open" file feature implemented. You can open (*.txt) and (*.rtf) text file formats in note.
  • New note menu item and function added "Set Note Expiration". In note expiration dialog now you can set time when note will expire and will be deleted from desktop. Also expiration icon is showed in the note title.
  • New note menu item and function added "Set Note Alarm". You can set note alarm at any time and also can set repeat interval (daily, weekly, monthly). When alarm time is reached program plays sound and note becomes visible at desktop promptly. Also note alarm icon in the note title becomes red.
  • Send Note To options are improved with E-mail sending. Now you can set e-mail person as note recipient in Send To dialog. Note info and data will be sent in e-mail message text. Also note picture is sent as e-mail attachment.
  • "Sent from" option is added in Send To dialog and "Default Sent From" value in Network Settings dialog. You can select between Computer name, IP address, e-mail or anonymous sender. Sender name will be visible in received note title. If anonymous sender was selected received title will have same text and style like original one.
  • "Check for email notes" main menu item added. New program thread is created for reading and searching for ShixxNOTE e-mail notes in your INBOX. Program downloads new e-mail messages from your default account if computer is online. And scan old and new messages in your INBOX for ShixxNOTE e-mail notes. When program finds e-mail note(s), received note(s) are shown promptly on your desktop.
  • In Send To dialog on Network Neighborhood and Recipients lists, on mouse right click menu is added. "Show IP Address" menu item is new feature. Now you can retrieve IP address of computers in both lists.
  • "Randomly change themes for new note" option added in General Settings dialog. If chosen option is Yes every time you create new note, note will have randomly chosen theme.
  • When you receive note program plays alarm sound.

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