ShixxNOTE © ShixxNOTE send sticky notes program

Network enabled desktop sticky notes (post-it) program and a LAN messenger

Instant Messenger Local Area Network

ShixxNOTE program notes on Windows 11 ShixxNOTE program "Send note to other" dialog ShixxNOTE program "Send note to other" dialog ShixxNOTE program "Send note to other" "Network" settings dialog called from main program menu" "Export note(s)" dialog called from main program menu Change note theme menu called from "note menu" Default note" settings dialog called from main program menu Alarm dialog set on one desktop note Format text "Bullet stly" menu called from "note menu"

ShixxNOTE program features

  • Great utility to keep track of notes or ideas with easy access regardless of what application you're in.
  • Send notes directly to the desktop(s) of other computer(s) running ShixxNOTE, over a LAN, Internet or via e-mail
  • Network Neighborhood list is shown in Send note to other dialog. Just select computer(s) on list and send note to them with one click.
  • Save group of recipients under "Group name" which will appear in "Send note to" menu item. So one click and note is sent to all recipients in listed in group.
  • Set alarms. You can set notes to appear at specific times to remind you of important events. You can even set the notes to appear periodically. You can set note to expire after day, week, month or set a custom date.
  • Customize your notes. Change the color of your notes, font, paragraph settings. You can save note themes (color and fonts) and organize it as you like.
  • Automatic saving whenever you change to a different application or exit Windows.
  • Easily export or import note(s) to file.
  • E-mail notes to people using a MAPI compatible mail client like Outlook Express. Note picture will be also send as attachment. And if recipient have ShixxNOTE installed on PC, program will read e-mail data and will show exactly same note on his desktop in a second.
  • Perfect tool for instant communication for a office or even a home LAN.
  • It keeps you organized and up-to-date with incredible number of features to boost your productivity.
  • Program is configurable and stable.

What users are saying ...

When you're spread over a couple of floors, it's great to have something that you know your workmate is going to see appear on their desktop. Means you're more likely to get action than it sitting in amongst a bunch of internal emails.

You can send everyone on the network a note first thing in the morning to remind them of the day's specials offers.

We also like the ability to send notes to other computers over our LAN. This generally works better than e-mail for phone messages in our office.

The best communicating software within an organization, working like a mail server. This is the most practical, useful desktop utility I've installed. It should be installed as a standard !

Organization Profile

The communications, security and convenience factors ShixxNOTE offers make it ideally suited for use in a corporate or office environment, whether you're a national retailer, a service-based company, an education provider, a government department or any business which involves:

  • many computers on-site
  • offices spread throughout a building or in multiple locations
  • frequent exchange of information between individuals
  • high information flows and multitasking work practices
  • dedicated workstations for staff members