ShixxNOTE © ShixxNOTE Send Sticky Notes Program

Network enabled desktop sticky notes (post-it) program and a LAN messenger

Instant Messenger Local Area Network

ShixxNOTE "Main menu" running on Windows 10 Note menu with "Send note to" item selected ShixxNOTE program "Send note to other" dialog Alarm dialog set on one desktop note Show Splash Screen on program startup Main menu and "Settings" dialog on tab "Network settings" Program notes and note menu "Format" item selected ShixxNOTE program "Send note to other" dialog Desktop notes with one received note

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Dear guest or customer, if you have any questions or some suggestions to improve ShixxNOTE program please feel free and contact me on my email addresses.

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Ozren Sirola
Siroli 1
51216 Viskovo
Croatia, Europe
E-mail 1:
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Telephone: +385 (51) 256 869
Mobile: +385 (91) 520 2156
Ozren Sirola ShixxNOTE program author
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