ShixxNOTE © ShixxNOTE Send Sticky Notes Program

Network enabled desktop sticky notes (post-it) program and a LAN messenger

Instant Messenger Local Area Network

ShixxNOTE "Main menu" running on Windows 10 Note menu with "Send note to" item selected ShixxNOTE program "Send note to other" dialog Alarm dialog set on one desktop note Show Splash Screen on program startup Main menu and "Settings" dialog on tab "Network settings" Program notes and note menu "Format" item selected ShixxNOTE program "Send note to other" dialog Desktop notes with one received note

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ShixxNOTE is priced at $24.99 (5-Users License version).

5-Users License version means that you can install and use program on 5 different computers in your network. License is based on the number of such computers in your network, where you have installed program.

ShixxNOTE Multiple license discounts - Discount Schedule:

  • 5-Users License version
  • 10-Users License version
  • 25-Users License version
  • 50-Users License version
  • 100-Users License version
  • Unlimited License version
  • Special Offer 20-Users License version
  • $24.99
  • $39.99
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  • $149.99
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  • $299.99
  • $49.99
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After you complete online registration you will receive email with dowload link.

Delivering ShixxNOTE Registered Version

PayPal offer international standard payment methods. Further information about the particular payment methods and currencies available to you will be provided during the order process.

When customer complete ShixxNOTE online registration through PayPal. I as an author will issue a download link to a customer in his / her email receipt. If customer wants, registered program version (setup file) can be emailed to the customer after successful program registration. Please feel free to write me if you have any question regarding program registration.

Important Notice

Emailed download link will be valid for 10 days after successful program registration.